‘Southgate’ suggests waiting for World Cup tickets to talk about the future

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England manager Gareth Southgate has revealed he is prepared to discuss his future with the Football Association. in the next few weeks whether to agree to extend the contract or not.

His current contract is due to expire after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar at the end of next year, and the FA wants him to continue with a new contract.

Southgate’s performance in the semi-finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the Euro 2020 finals earned Southgate much acclaim.

The former celebrity quarterback revealed, “I think last month I said that. I ask (contract talks) to be postponed until autumn. Because I want to focus on these games first. And give me time to make the right decision

. have various feelings The exhaustion from playing in tournaments like this I want to make sure I make the right decisions for the right reasons.”

“So we’ve voluntarily stopped this kind of thing in recent times,” he said.

“Negotiations are very open and Mark Bellingham (FA Chief Executive) has always supported it. But I felt that this mission (Take the national team to the World Cup) comes first,

we’ll be able to look at everything in the next few weeks.