Robinson says OX is too good to sit as a Swans reserve

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Paul Robinson, former England international comment Alex-Oxlade-Chamberlain is too good to sit on the bench in the Liverpool squad,

the 28-year-old midfielder has started for the Reds in their first Premier League match of the season against Arsenal. Orwich City, but after only eight minutes of playing in the league

, his next start was in the Carabao Cup, another encounter against Norwich. while in the Champions League in 2 games as a substitute.

It was previously reported that Oxlade-Chamberlain Want more opportunities to enter the field And even if he doesn’t want to leave Anfield, in the end, that might be an option he will have to make.

Meanwhile, there are speculations Arsenal are considering bringing him back to the Emirates Stadium,

Robinson told Football Insider.“He’s too good to sit on the bench. It’s not a crime “, he added. “But I don’t see a way for Liverpool to let him go in January.”

Salah and Mane are going to play in the African Cup of Nations and he’s one of the players who Can play in a wide position. “

He gives Liverpool all options in midfield and attack. Players like that are difficult to find a replacement for. He’s the ideal player.”

“But from the player’s point of view He’s too good to sit on the bench every week. He didn’t get enough playing time.