“Rafa” pointed out that Toffee made a mistake and made a game change

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Rafa Benitez, Everton manager They see their own mistakes as a turning point for losing to Liverpool. And are not worried about the situation that his team may have to try to escape relegation

“Toffee” of the Spanish coach. Still can’t find a good form and just got hit by a common antagonist like “Reds”, attacking the house 4-1, can’t find a win for 8 games in a row, holding 14th in the table, just 5 points from the floor zone

“I I think everyone has seen that this game we make a lot of mistakes. And when you do this with a top team you pay for it,” Rafa Benitez told Amazon Prime after the game.

“The supporters helped us from the start and after we scored the atmosphere was great. In the second half we started better but made another mistake and it was the turning point of the game.”

“We’re talking about the lack of a key to many individual and team lost, they may be very important to help the players to play at their level,”

“defeat. Losing is always bad but when you lose to a team that spends a lot of money and has a lot of good players. Sometimes it’s because you make mistakes and the opponents are really doing well.”

And when asked if he was worried about the situation of going down to relegation,

“No, I’m still confident the team will do well. Because we have to get more players back and we will be as strong as the start of the season. We have to learn that we cannot make mistakes like this again.”