Petit says “Arteta” was right about Auba

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Emmanuel Petit, Arsenal legend commented that manager Mikel Arteta made the right decision about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

late last year Aubameyang breached club discipline, not his first. This caused Arteta to drop him out of the team indefinitely, while the “guns” were ready to drop him.

Arsenal have confirmed that they have agreed a termination of the 32-year-old’s contract to allow him to sign on a free transfer to Barcelona and take out Petit’s £350,000-a-week

salary. say about this “Miguel does everything about Pierre-Emerick. Aubameyang followed what everyone expected.”

“I don’t want to show disrespect to Aubameyang. Because I believe he is a great player, but in the past few months he has not been himself.

“Something had changed in his head. I don’t know if it’s about the club. About Team Manager or his personal life But we haven’t seen the same Aubameyang as it was a few years ago.

I believe Arteta made the right decision about Aubameyang. Dropping the captain out of the squad and listing him for sale is a very clear message to your dressing room.

You have to be accountable to your teammates and you have to show it on the pitch.

Maybe it’s not related to his later problems. But I would say it was very accidental. As soon as that contract was signed, he was no longer the same player,” he said to ufabet.