Murphy suggested that “Newcastle” fire “Bruce”

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Danny Murphy is another person who came out to support that Newcastle. United should give Steve Bruce a chance to stay in charge after acquiring funds from Saudi Arabia. Arabia took over as the new owner “Salika Dong” became the club with the richest team in the world immediately.

During the past it was reported that they were preparing to find a new manager to replace Bruce, who now leads the team to 19th in the Premier League table,

however, Murphy, the former Liverpool midfielder. comment “You have to be careful. You should not rush before you can walk. The situation of New Castle, now it is precarious, “

” Now they have a team working in the Premier League and the experience to handle a situation like this before, “

” Who can they pull it to do. Is the team now and more ready than Steve Bruce? That’s important.”

“You can talk about pleasing the fans and the masses. But that does not mean you will be released, and Bruce will have to do better to replace “

” I think they knocked him to leave because that’s what the fans want and now they are trying to make. Everyone’s happy with the takeover.”

“Who’s going to replace him? There is no candidate that is yet to give his team escape relegation, “

” We will talk differently from now on, if you ask me, a manager whom I got to work with the new players and visitors. use the money to make a team Of course it already exists. There are a lot of great managers out there.”

“But coming to the Premier League Unless you’ve had the experience and struggled to escape relegation and don’t know how to win. It doesn’t always go as smoothly as you think.”

“Who is more ready right now than Steve Bruce? For me there is no one that stands out,” he said.