Manchester United 1-0 Copenhagen: Maguire Onana heroes! 

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Manchester United 1-0 Copenhagen: Maguire Onana heroes! Points after the game: The Red Devils won the first three points in the Champions League last night.

Maguire scores the winning header for the team. Onana saved a penalty during injury time. United won their first win in the UCL this season.

1. Copenha comes as a surprise.

The top team from the Danish league started with a 4-3-3 formation. They performed excellently in the first half. Especially in the first 15 minutes, they almost took the lead.

They played with confidence. Not afraid of the local people Even though the class name and quality of the players are secondary.

Defensively, they didn’t show any mistakes and defended well in the first half.

2. United acted really boring in the first half.

Manchester United fans booed their beloved team after the first half because United were so boring.

No idea how to do it The offensive game has no dimension, the ball speed is quite slow. Absolutely devoid of aggression.

Simply put, there’s nothing at all. It is therefore not surprising that the fans booed them.

3. Eriksen, the turning point

Eric Ten Hag, Manchester United boss, cannot remain silent. After the team’s form played poorly in the first half.

The Dutch manager therefore decided to send in creative player Christian Eriksen to replace Sofiane Amrabat, who was not showing much form.

The 31-year-old dairy midfielder came to play as a top midfielder alongside Bruno Fernandes, then dropped Scott McTominay to a low midfield position or central defence, in a 4-1-4- system. 1

His arrival has had a very positive impact on the team. The ball from his feet is reliable. He was the one who opened the scoring for Harry Maguire to score the winning goal.

After the game, Eriksen was named “Man of the Match” by UEFA.

4. Confidence keeps increasing.

Harry Maguire and Andre Onana, two players. Who were heavily teased by fans before, were both “heroes” of the team in this match.

The first one has been in decline for many years.

However, Maguire still insists that Want to continue playing football in the Theater of Dreams and will fight for a real position on the team

That was his “professionalism”.

The latter tribute to Andre Onana was heavily criticized as “straightforward”.

Some say it’s “fake”.

Some say “Let’s go back and bring David de Gea” back.

In the last 2-3 matches, both Maguire and Onana have shown impressive form. And now both are playing with confidence.

You could see from their reactions and body language, it was clear that the confidence of the two of them was growing more and more.