“Fart” taunts “Courtois”, complaining about the frequent program

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Former Real Madrid star Rafael van der Vaart has criticized Thibaut Courtois‘ comments that the youngsters complained too much about the UEFA competition.

A few days ago, Courtois, the Madrid and the Belgian national team. Came out for an interview to blame UEFA for being too selfish for money and organizing frequent kicking programs without caring about the health of the players.

The reason he came out to say this was because he had to enter the final 3rd place in the UEFA Nations League, which Belgium lost 2-1 to Italy. Van der Vaart spoke about this. “I think it’s nonsense,” he said. 

The club hires you for a lot of money. Of course, racing programs come often. We’ve all had them.”

Thibaut Courtois was the man commissioned to speak after the tie of the Real Madrid against the AthleticClub . The Belgian, that is in his best moment since it arrived to the white group, loaded against the arbitration in front of the micros of Movistar. The archer madridista complained by the permissiveness of the referee, that did not take him out any yellow card to the group bilbaíno, although they did merits to carry any.

“I do not think that the arbitration have taken us out of the party, but the Athletic has tried that there are not attacks several times and at all. It is a team that tries you frustar and the referee has gone in in his game and has not taken them out neither a yellow. At the beginning I understand that the referee do not take out yellow, but in the following… But well, we can not think already in this. 0-0 and to be followed…”, it signalled an annoying Courtois.

“The competition is the funniest. These players are just moaning,” he said.