Eto’o hurts to see Barcelona in bad shape

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Former Barcelona forward Samuel Eto’o admits it hurts to see his former club in poor form this season. And hopefully they can make it through the group stages of the Champions League.

The “Aliens” have had a tough time, on and off the pitch, without them breaking out of the financial crisis. which is the result of the management of the previous board Coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic, their incomes have shrunk dramatically.

The form of the team has been so worrying that Eto’o he’s worried about his chances of getting out of his Champions League group.

“Recently, Barcelona They have made me suffer, “he revealed at the Festival dello Sport di Trento.

“These are difficult times for those of us who love the club.

“It would be difficult to accept elimination from the group stage in the Champions League. I still hope they can pass.”

The Catalan team is 9th in the La Liga table. As they lost both of their Champions League qualifying matches and dropped to the bottom of the table,

Eto’o admits it hurts to see his beloved club in difficult times. And it would be even more painful to see them eliminated from the group stage of the Champions League.

“Lately, Barcelona has caused me pain,” he said at the Festival dello Sport di Trento.

“That was a difficult time for those of us who love the club. It would be difficult to accept having been knocked out of the Champions League at the group stage. I still hope they can qualify.”