“Colo”secretly poked Suarez to ask to sign “Messi” in the summer

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Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone has revealed that he asked Luis Suarez about the prospect of persuading his former team-mate Lionel Messi to join the club at the time. last summer.

Argentine shooting star Just ended his contract with an agency that has been around for 21 years, such as Barcelona, ​​until becoming a free agent during the past summer.

During that time, referred to as many big teams who want to grab him to join the team, but in the end, it was Paris Saint-Germain who got his signature.

Recently, there has been a revelation from the head coach of fellow league rivals Simeone, who said he had tried to take a deep breath in the deal as well.

“I’ll tell you something. When it happened in Barcelona We call Louis But I didn’t call Leo,” Simeone told  ufabet.

“I asked him Messi. How are you what is he thinking It will have little or suppose that he moved to Atletico Madrid can you? “

” But it’s happened just three hours because Paris Saint Germain serious about signing pull him away. Very joining the team. “

So the opportunity to work with Messi. So there’s no way it’s going to happen. He was previously at Barça. And I’ve always been with Atletico, and we don’t have the opportunity to play together in the Argentina national team again.”