‘Carlos’ brushes the dust of his studs to touch the good amateur ball.

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Roberto Carlos , a former Brazil World Cup winner, got his first taste of amateur football. After playing for Bulls in the Barn United today (Friday)

, the Shrewsbury club, the city’s favorite pub, has the 48-year-old former footballer playing on a special occasion. After falling short of luck as the winner of the eBay charity ‘Dream Transfer’ lottery in January,

Carlos had to make his debut for Bull in de Barn in a warm-up game against the Blues. Harlescott Rangers, an amateur team from the same league.

He was named on the bench but made his debut as a midfielder in the first half. Before returning to the bench early in the second half. But in the end, he was invited to take the penalty shootout. Although the last Bull in the Barn lost 4-3.

Carlos’ career has been met with numerous successes following more than 100 caps. With the Brazilian national team and winning the World Cup in 2002, as well as winning three Champions League titles with Real Madrid.

Announcing he would be playing for Bulls in the Barn, Carlos said: “I’m excited to be playing for Bull in the Barn in Shrewsbury, yes. Reminds me of when I was close to signing for Birmingham City in the 90s, which was close by.

So I hope my training will be enough to help them level up and give Bull in the Barn fans what they want to see!”

Bull in the Barn goalkeeper and manager Ed Speller. “Carlos is one of the legends that has inspired many young football enthusiasts.”

“I gasped when I heard Bull in the Barn won the draw and he’s coming to play for our team in Shrewsbury,” he said to ufabet.

How we play the ball, with heavy free-kicks and hopefully no heavy tackles!”

The draw also secured another amateur team Pevensey & West Ham Alou. Former Chelsea and Juventus striker Koh also played in one game.

The Laos game took place last month, with Aluko coming on as a substitute but helping Pevensey & West Ham escape a failed friendly defeat to Ringmer AFC

. The Dream Transfer Lottery is a charity event open to amateur teams in the Sunday League. If you want to join, you only need to pay £5. And the money will be sent to help underprivileged children in the community.