Bellerin wants to stay at Betis for next season

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Real Betis on-loan right-back Hector Bellerin has admitted he would like to stay in Spain. In the next season, despite the remaining contract with Arsenal, the agency after the

26-year-old footballer began to get the opportunity to field less with the army “guns” until the need to move the team. Clearly and was released to Betis on loan with no buy option last summer. While still having a contract with the main agency until 2023, the

latest news came out to talk about the future of his football career with the current agency.

Bellerin appeared to confirm he took a sizeable pay cut in order to push through the Betis loan

‘This year-and-a-half that has just passed has made us rethink many things.

‘For me and for everyone it was an effort to carry out the operation not only from the point of view of money and how much it cost us to get here.

“I don’t know if I will stay, but like I’ve always said, if I don’t want to stay here next season. I probably wouldn’t have moved in the first place,” Bellerin told  ufabet

“There are things to decide but what I want right now is to enjoy this season while I’m here. And what will happen after this has to happen.”