Because here is “Anfield” The aftermath after a fun 5-star game

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Because here is “Anfield” The aftermath after a fun 5-star game, Liverpool vs. Arsenal.

Arsenal ended the game at Anfield in a very emotional way. with one point received This one-point game is not enough for many people’s feelings. Because when you’re two goals ahead in the first 30 minutes, you’re hoping to see three points return from Liverpool home field for the first time for the Gunners since the 2012-13 season.

Liverpool 2-2 Arsenal Another game.

That ended with three or more goals scored in this game. Only this time it ended with a “shared shot”, not a “one-sided shot” like what happened before. However, it is said that with the image of the game. It is divide equally between each other. On the criticism of the referees of this game for allowing the game to be unnecessarily heavy And the judgment that crossed the eyes in many moments of both teams Especially the visiting team

Arsenal organizes a large army to play in this game, the main one is missing, only William Saliba, and Eddie Encathia, Takehiro Tomiyasu and Mohamed Elneny. They are already reserves, come in a 4-2-3-1 system in defensive games, but in the end, this game ends with a three-back system.

Arsenal’s game in the first half did a great job of linking the game from back to front. They play with intelligence, rhythm and confidence. Contrary to Liverpool this season, they haven’t been in their best form. Especially with a defensive line. That has always problem. Virgil van Dijk – Ibrahim Konate, as it is said by the class name of this pair. No less formidable than any couple and do not believe, must believe These two have a great impact on the game.

Van Dijk, 31, has question most of the season for his personal quality. and mistakes in the details of his play that are far from his best days. And this game two goals lost. He was involved in both goals. Both the first goal that intercepted the ball came into Martinelli. And the second goal that stood apart from Gabriel Jesus had an emphatic header. None left in the first 45 minutes of Van Dijk, was shuffled before returning in the second half. at Liverpool Has invaded almost half of the pressure.

Konate with playing this game that plays aggressively Anfield. Can cut the rhythm of Arsenal’s attack on many occasions Is the heart of the team’s defensive line. on the fact that His heavy tackles on many occasions were merciless by the referees. Who today has given yellow cards to all Liverpool defensive lines except him.

Arsenal had the first 45 minutes like a dream. Anfield Leading two goals ahead of Liverpool, it doesn’t look like much. But when mistakes happen leading to the first goal of this game occurring

“Anfield” began to perform duties of this field. The field has regard as “Hell away team”

The atmosphere after losing the first goal came from Liverpool Anfield being able to stretch the game for about 3-4 plays before ending with a drill on the sideline. and opened in the middle This rhythm is by chance. Or Jordan Henderson’s intentions with his more racist crosses? Became in the way of Mo Salah, who inserted behind Gabriel Magayes, shot in.

Football has the word “momentum”, It is something that every team wants in the game and it is something. That has been gained and must maintained. because it is ready to slip away at any time arsenal lose The momentum of the game went from that minute until the end of the game.

Trailing 0-2 and 1-2 before halftime. The feelings are many times different in terms of feelings.

“It was a very intense game. We got off to a great start. Possession of the game can do it the way we want score a goal first and play the way we want Scored the second goal of the game. And that’s when we have to close the game. But after that, before the end of the first half. We let them have hope, we conceded a goal. They regained their belief in the atmosphere of the pitch. Which was great,” Arteta said after the game.

In the second half, Liverpool are back to being the Liverpool they have been for the last few seasons. They can control most of the game. continual attacking game Dominate the game for minutes at certain moments. They make full use of their momentum.

Getting a penalty early in the second half It should be

When their momentum is at its peak. But it was almost a twist at the same time. When Salah’s penalty slipped out of the box instead, Arsenal managed to bring momentum back into the game. But it’s not like that. In this game we are not talking about that. Arsenal’s tactics wrong or wrong But we look at that when players feel insecure in themselves. Or pressure someone to take care of themselves better?

First half Liverpool play with uncertainty They missed two goals. Second half Arsenal was the same. And they almost got no points back out.

The author has said many times through the article that Football is all about “heart”, “ability”, “teamwork” and “plan” based on the cooperation of the coaches. and players on the field

If measured at the “heart”, both teams had many moments. When they lost their confidence. But in the end, Liverpool reclaimed what was lost in time. Arsenal Division can’t keep it

If measured by “talent”, Arsenal is not inferior to Liverpool.

If measured in “teamwork” Arsenal play as a team like Liverpool.

When it comes to “plans”, Arsenal were only half as good, bad for the remaining 45 minutes.

Mikel Arteta in the second half was certainly criticized for his decision-making. Especially in terms of solving games that can’t bring out the momentum of the game. can only wait for the opportunity to return But not sharp enough to create opportunities for Alisson to suffer further in the second half, opposite Aaron Ramsdale, who was busy and everyone agreed that None of Ramsdale’s saves indicated that at least 4 times would tell Arsenal to go home empty-handed.


While the game was 1-2 behind, Liverpool held the attacking game under control. They brought Thiago down to add more people to put the ball forward, adding Darwin Nunez, who had more agility. 15 minutes passed, the team still shot. Not … add Roberto Firmino to another one, remove the midfield as well. measure heart to exchange punches It all happened before Arsenal’s first substitution in this game.

Arsenal opted to remove Jesus-Edegaard from the field, put Trotsar up front, and Quivior come down as central defender. Adjust the playing system to three defenders.

One team adds an offensive game in the original system. 

One team adds a defensive play-changing play at the key stage. In terms of encouragement, energetic, measured against the change. The author is an Arsenal fan, knowing that “the team doesn’t want to concede a goal” while fellow Reds fans who talk to each other online while watching the game state, “My team is ready to fill the lap.” The feeling here is different. already in the field, not to mention The faces of Arsenal players indicate that the work is very hard for the remaining 10 minutes.

Arteta has had one problem this season. And he was quite impress. It is a matter of changing. That is often not well time to change. Some games have change and the game momentum is close. become at a disadvantage The more the transition to change the playing system at the same time. The team needs a bit of time to adjust their understanding of the tactics on the field + the pressure of the game is almost dead. Duties have to change. Mother’s competitors did not come at all. One player, one person working together in Multi-Task at the same time, losing concentration is normal.