“Barella” raises “Stankovic” as idol-choice number 23

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Inter Milan midfielder Nicolo Barella has revealed he views former midfielder Dejan Stankovic as an idol in football. Ready to admit that he chose the number 23 after another favorite athlete, LeBron James,

The Italian national team, moved from Cagliari to Inter in 2019 on a loan deal with the option to buy. With a total value of 44.5 million euros,

The 24-year-old has become a mainstay of the Internacion squad and has also shown impressive results this season, with one goal and five assists in seven games. In Serie A

Barella revealed that he chose the number 23 shirt after LeBron after the regular number 18 has already been booked.

“Because when I came to Inter, number 18, which had always been mine, was owned by Asamoah,” he said,

“so I picked number 23, which used to belong to LeBron, my idol. , even though he has changed his number now.”

Barella also admitted to having Stankovic as an idol and aiming to serve the agency following in the footsteps of this footballer.

“One of my idols is Dejan Stankovic, I have always admired him as a footballer,” he added.

“I always try to learn good things from him. And try to do for Inter to be like him.”