Gerrard reveals the key to making this Liverpool team the strongest

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has hailed tonight’s rivals Liverpool , saying the current outfit are the strongest team in the club’s history.

“After I followed Liverpool’s performance with Jurgen Klopp as head coach, I dare say they are the strongest. Maybe because it has all the speed Intense resolution of game images The state of mind that is determined to work hard and be united. which I’ve never really seen before,” he told Sky Sports.

“Of course I admire this team as the strongest. Gerrard That doesn’t mean I’m insulting Liverpool in different eras in the past because I’ve been the Kop since I can remember. So have watched a lot of games. Saw many legendary players celebrating championships all the time. This includes the team that they are still playing in.”the UFABET report

“One thing I dare say is that I have Liverpool’s DNA in every molecule of my body. Thus making it possible to see every possibility in this club that How far has it come now than in the past? How is each era different?

“And the opponent I am going to face tonight has some world-class players in the squad, Jurgen Klopp himself is extraordinary. Notable for the transition from defensive to attacking with lightning speed, it’s just unbelievable to just watch it. So to say that this team is the best in the history of the club. It wouldn’t be a mistake from the truth.”